• The Dukley brand in Budva is known for exceptional places. These are destinations of refuge from the invigorating and stimulating life that the Budva Riviera has to offer.
    Outside the gates of Dukley, you have the world at your fingertips: boating, beaches, people, parties and clubs, restaurants, sports and everything else your heart desires. There are no boundaries.
    Inside Dukley, you have an oasis of serenity, security, quiet, peace, pleasure. This is your retreat; this is where you recharge before you go out for more. 
    These are places of exceptional quality and authentic service.
    With Dukley you can have it all. Everything is nearby; but you are cocooned. and protected.
    We will take you away from harsh realities of your everyday life.
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Жилой комплекс "Ядранская симфония".

Будва. Лази.

Цена кв.м. от 1700  до 2000 евро

1-комнатные, 2-комнатные, 3-комнатные квартиры от 82 - до 120 кв.м.

При покупке 3-х комнатной квартиры подземный гараж в подарок.

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Жилой комплекс "Tri Canne".

Будва. Центр.

Предлагаются к продаже 2 квартиры 58 и 64km²

Цена кв.м. 2500 евро.

 Контакты +38269202464 (viber) Татьяна